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9.1 Count and uncount nouns

Some nouns are countable.

a book two books
an egg six eggs

Some nouns are uncountable.

bread rice

Some nouns are both!
Do you like ice-cream?
We’d like three ice-creams, please.

9.2 would like

Would is the same in all persons. We use would like in offers and requests.

‘d like a drink. ‘d = would
Yes/No questions Short answers
Would you
like a biscuit? Yes, please.
No, thank you.

9.3 some and any

We use some in positive sentences with uncountable nouns and plural nouns.

There is some bread on the table.
There are oranges

We use some in questions when we ask for things and offer things.

(I know there is some coffee.)
(I know there are some grapes.)

Can I have some coffee, please?
Would you like grapes?

We use any in questions and negative sentences with uncountable nouns and plural nouns.

(I don’t know if there is any water.)
(I don’t know if she has any children.)

Is there any water?
Does she have children?
I can’t see rice.
There aren’t people.

9.4 How much…? and How many…?

We use How much…? with uncount nouns.

How much rice is there?
There isn’t much rice.

We use How many…? with count nouns.

How many apples are there?
There aren’t many apples.

9.5 Prepositions

I’ve got a book by John Grisham.
Help me with my homework.

9.00. Грамматика

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