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5.1. There is/are

There is a sofa. (singular)
are two books. (plural)
There isn’t an armchair. (singular)
aren’t any flowers. (plural)
Yes/No questions Short answers
Is there a table? Yes, there is.
No, there isn’t.
Are any photos? Yes, there are.
No, there aren’t.

5.2. How many… ?

How many books do you have?

5.3. some/any

There are some flowers. some + plural noun
There aren’t any cups. any + plural noun
Are there any books? any + plural noun

5.4. this, that, these, those

We use this and these to talk about people/things that are near to us.

I like this ice-cream.
I want these shoes.

We use that and those to talk about people/things that aren’t near to us.

Do you like that picture on the wall?
Who are those children outside?

5.5. Prepositions

It’s the best home in the world.
The front door is at the top of the steps.
There are magazines under the table.

There is a photo on the television.
There are two pictures on the wall.
The cinema is on the left, opposite the flower shop.

The bank is next to the supermarket.
The bus stop is near the park.
There is a post box in front of the chemist’s.

5.00. Грамматика

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