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12.1 going to

1 Going to expresses a person’s plans and intentions.

She’s going to be ballet dancer when she grows up.
We’re going to stay in a villa in France this summer.

2 Often there is no difference between going to and the Present Continuous to refer to a future intention.

I’m seeing Peter tonight.
I’m going to see Peter tonight.

3 We also use going to when we can see now that something is sure to happen in the future.

Careful! That glass is going to fall!

Positive and negative
I am (not) going to have a break.
stay at home.
He/She/It is
When am I going to have a break?
stay at home?
is he/she/it
are we

With the verbs to go and to come, we usually use the Present Continuous for future plans.

We‘re going to Paris next week.
Joe and Tim are coming for lunch tomorrow.

12.2 Infinitive of purpose

The infinitive can express why a person does something.

I’m saving my money to buy a CD player.
( = because I want to buy a CD player)

We’re going to Paris to have a holiday.
( = because we want to have a holiday)

I’m saving my money for to buy a CD player.
I’m saving my money for buy a CD player.

12.3 Prepositions

I’m going to Florida in a year’s time.
He’s interested in flying.
She’s good at singing.
She was afraid of cars.
What’s the weather like?
What’s on TV tonight?
There’s a film on Channel 4.
What’s on at the cinema?

12.00. Грамматика

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